New York Style

Traveling to New York in December or January, you can can predict rain, hail or snow. We were lucky with the weather when we were there, we had two days of rain but other than that we had blue skies and crisp cool air. The best tip I could give is: LAYERS! I brought an extra top or jumper in my handbag every day because one moment it was nice and warm and the next we were battling the elements- better to be prepared after all.

My top 5 picks would be:

1.Camel coat – because it goes with everything and is classic

2. Cashmere.

3. Fur Scarf- because everyone who knows me is aware of my obsession with fur (faux) and it dresses up everything

4. Boots- comfort comfort comfort

5. Hats- berets, beanies, fedora

The most important thing is to stock up on the basics, such as long sleeved tops and cashmere jumpers, then you can plan what statement pieces you want to bring to dress up outfits and add that stylish edge. I’ll let you in on a sly tip: when I buy long sleeved tops I buy them from the kids section. There is method behind the madness I can assure you- they are always more fitted, they sit perfectly around waist height without having to be tucked in, the neckline is higher and the sleeves sit a tad too short (just how I like them).

This photo was taken in Little Italy, outside the most beautiful interior design store. I’m wearing my Topshop camel coat and office lace up boots which were originally black leather until I took sandpaper to them to ‘roughen’ them up. Along with my trusty Zara stole, this was one of my favourite outfits of the trip.

Recently I’ve become a bit on a hat fanatic; It started with a beret and before you knew it I had a hat for every day of the week. New York was no exception, I packed all my hats and wore one every day, totally practical and a great accessory. This hat is from a little independent store in Harrogate town, where my parents live.



Gucci- £695                   Topshop-£65            Topshop-£49            H&M -£29.99       H&M-£19.99

This suit has serious ‘beetlejuice’ vibes and I absolutely love it! Im all for women wearing suits as a stylish alternative to a dress to black tie events, the office or simply for day to day life. I’ve worn this suit a number of times since I got it at Christmas and each time I have been complimented on it. For a paired down look I have styled it with my Gucci Princetown loafers (my favourite Christmas present EVER) whilst they are certainly not everyones taste I am wearing them with pretty much everything this season.

My favourite discovery of the last month is a cashmere tracksuit. Yes you heard it right, I actually own a tracksuit (well if a cashmere one counts). This is the epitome of fashion meets comfort and it will be one of the best investments you could make. If you don’t fancy the hefty price tag of a cashmere two piece then definitely consider a cheaper knitted alternative.


Les 100 Ciels- £109           Les 100 Ciels-£169                       H&M-£69.99               H &M-£79.99




River Island-£30               Gucci-£430                        Office- £69                   ZARA- £29.99