Is the Trainer really dead?

  This blog post is inspired by an article written by the brilliant Pandora Sykes in last weeks Sunday Times Style magazine . This was an article which actually made me smile and say “thank the Lord!!” . Let me tell you I am not a shallow individual who cares only about clothes and trends. Of course I care about many more important social issues but fashion is an interest of mine- and just as some write about their delight when their favourite football team wins the premier league I will express my joy at one of my most hated trends coming to an end – HALLELUJAH !

I have always been open minded to trying new styles or trends, however looking back this was not always a good thing. I have been the most tango individual to grace Northern Ireland, I have coated my eyes in thick blue eyeliner and I have persisted to try and wear yellow denim shorts (D I S A S T E R). Despite my love for toying with new trends there are two things I will never ever warm too: knee length denim and trainers. Now don’t get me wrong I love my Superga’s, I have four pair and combined I probably wear them more than any other shoes in my wardrobe, but these are not trainers, goodness no I refuse to believe these are trainers, rather they are tennis shoes, plimsoles, sneakers- take your pick I have no preference just do not call them trainers. Somewhere along the line it became acceptable (and fashionable) to wear big clumpy trainers pretty much anywhere. Ninety pounds for trainers to wear in the gym? Do not be so ridiculous, one would never spend so much on a shoe to wear to only wear it to a spin class, oh no this is an ‘everyday shoe’. Trainers in the office? Why of course, there is a trainer for that .. blah blah blah trainers trainers EVERYWHERE!

As Pandora rightfully noted “great seductions have never taken place while wearing a pair of Air Max”- this could not be more true. Seduction may not be at the forefront of every womans mind-I gather that it is not the concern of the majority of women when they get dressed in the morning – nevertheless everybody wants to feel good in their outfit don’t they? As a woman they do nothing for your shape or posture, they are simply a practical shoe made for exercise, that . is . it. View Full Post

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London: A Royal Beauty

I have traveled to many special places in the world, but London holds a special place in my heart. I could happily spend every weekend in London, browsing around with no itinerary and not a care in the world. Everytime I leave this vibrant city, I feel a pull on my heart strings which reminds me that I will definitely be back soon.

Outfit Details: Maxi Dress- All Saints ; Cropped Leather Jacket- H&M ; Biker Boots- Office : Bag- JW Anderson 

London has something to offer for everybody, in terms or restaurants, events or things to do. I spent a week in London during fashion week: spending the first half with my parents and the second half with my best friend. I feel that I know London as well as I know my home city, therefore I am going to give a little run down on my London trip, and my recommendations for anyone going to visit.



Located in the heart of Mayfair, this restaurant is the most aesthetically beautiful place I have ever dined. I am sure everyone has seen at least one picture of the candy pink dining area, pop up on their instagram feed and think  ‘where on earth is that?’.  Dinner at Sketch has been on my bucket list for quite some time , but it was only on my most recent trip did I actually get to go, and oh my goodness it was so unbelievably worth the wait. Hidden behind the plush velvet certain which graces the entry is the powder pink, restaurant: The Gallery. Decorated with scalloped,  pink booths, a vast copper bar and wall to wall David Shrigley drawings, this place is deliciously bonkers. The food is equally fantastic also, I dined on the vialone risotto with green curry and prune marmalade, sounds strange – looked even stranger (it was a vivid bright green!) but it was absolutely amazing. It was so good I wish I could have licked the plate and asked for a second helping! View Full Post

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The JW Anderson Pierce Bag

They say you should always wait at least 24 hours before buying a designer piece. The test being if you sleep on it (aka wait 24 hours) and still feel that unrelenting, butterflies in the stomach feeling then you have a keeper. That is exactly how I felt about this JW Anderson beauty, it popped up on my instagram feed at least once a day for about three weeks – surely that is a sign no?  When I finally plucked up the courage to spend the $$ the Pierce bag, in devine black leather.. was sold out. However, as my friends and family know all too well, when I really want something my determination is fierce- of course this is a quality that should be reflected in my strive to establish my career- but really I am most determined when I see the words “OUT OF STOCK”.

My love for JW goes way back to his first collaboration with Topshop, when I spent all my birthday money on a twin piece from the collection. It was a t-shirt and jeans combo, with a white backdrop and covered in primary coloured shapes; I thought it was genius. Now I am a little older (and hopefully wiser) I still appreciate the design, however white jeans in general are a massive ‘no’ on me, I dont need any help accentuating my thighs thank you very much! Nevertheless my fascination for JW Anderson has grown and intensified alongside his career, with each collection he brings something new to the season and as a fashion hopeful I feel lucky to have his collections to aspire to.

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