The JW Anderson Pierce Bag

They say you should always wait at least 24 hours before buying a designer piece. The test being if you sleep on it (aka wait 24 hours) and still feel that unrelenting, butterflies in the stomach feeling then you have a keeper. That is exactly how I felt about this JW Anderson beauty, it popped up on my instagram feed at least once a day for about three weeks – surely that is a sign no?  When I finally plucked up the courage to spend the $$ the Pierce bag, in devine black leather.. was sold out. However, as my friends and family know all too well, when I really want something my determination is fierce- of course this is a quality that should be reflected in my strive to establish my career- but really I am most determined when I see the words “OUT OF STOCK”.

My love for JW goes way back to his first collaboration with Topshop, when I spent all my birthday money on a twin piece from the collection. It was a t-shirt and jeans combo, with a white backdrop and covered in primary coloured shapes; I thought it was genius. Now I am a little older (and hopefully wiser) I still appreciate the design, however white jeans in general are a massive ‘no’ on me, I dont need any help accentuating my thighs thank you very much! Nevertheless my fascination for JW Anderson has grown and intensified alongside his career, with each collection he brings something new to the season and as a fashion hopeful I feel lucky to have his collections to aspire to.

The Pierce bag has dominated the recent fashion season and has been spotted on the arm of every “it-girl”. It is simple, yet striking, modern yet classic and it embodies the modern woman in so many ways. What I love most about this bag is its ability to transform any outfit. The sportswear trend has saturated street-style this Autumn/Winter, and even the most feminine of dressers will have dipped into this trend at some stage this season. However for me, if I am going to wear any type of sport wear I need a handbag that screams ‘elegance’ , ‘femininity’, ‘class’- this is when the Pierce bag comes into play. This bag screams Grace Kelly elegance amalgamated with the 2017 modern woman, and it is a bag that will never go out of style.


Medium Pierce Bag-£1,095                      Mini Pierce Bag- £975                       Medium Pierce Bag (Red)