Is the Trainer really dead?

  This blog post is inspired by an article written by the brilliant Pandora Sykes in last weeks Sunday Times Style magazine . This was an article which actually made me smile and say “thank the Lord!!” . Let me tell you I am not a shallow individual who cares only about clothes and trends. Of course I care about many more important social issues but fashion is an interest of mine- and just as some write about their delight when their favourite football team wins the premier league I will express my joy at one of my most hated trends coming to an end – HALLELUJAH !

I have always been open minded to trying new styles or trends, however looking back this was not always a good thing. I have been the most tango individual to grace Northern Ireland, I have coated my eyes in thick blue eyeliner and I have persisted to try and wear yellow denim shorts (D I S A S T E R). Despite my love for toying with new trends there are two things I will never ever warm too: knee length denim and trainers. Now don’t get me wrong I love my Superga’s, I have four pair and combined I probably wear them more than any other shoes in my wardrobe, but these are not trainers, goodness no I refuse to believe these are trainers, rather they are tennis shoes, plimsoles, sneakers- take your pick I have no preference just do not call them trainers. Somewhere along the line it became acceptable (and fashionable) to wear big clumpy trainers pretty much anywhere. Ninety pounds for trainers to wear in the gym? Do not be so ridiculous, one would never spend so much on a shoe to wear to only wear it to a spin class, oh no this is an ‘everyday shoe’. Trainers in the office? Why of course, there is a trainer for that .. blah blah blah trainers trainers EVERYWHERE!

As Pandora rightfully noted “great seductions have never taken place while wearing a pair of Air Max”- this could not be more true. Seduction may not be at the forefront of every womans mind-I gather that it is not the concern of the majority of women when they get dressed in the morning – nevertheless everybody wants to feel good in their outfit don’t they? As a woman they do nothing for your shape or posture, they are simply a practical shoe made for exercise, that . is . it.


Thankfully the fashion gods have came to their senses and the Autumn/Winter 2017 collections welcomed a drastic change for footwear. On both the catwalk and the street, trainers where scarce, replaced with Balenciaga sky-high patent boots or mary-janes, suggesting the trainer is on its last legs. I am delighted about this change and am glad to say I never turned my back on the trusty court shoe. If you can’t hack a high heel try a ballet pump, kitten heel or even a pair of canvas espadrilles coming into the summer, but please hang up the Nikes- the trainer is well and truly dead.

(images courtesy of Pinterest)