What Is Wrong With Being Overdressed?

I am a great believer in the saying ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have’. The job of my dreams is in Vogue, in a pristine office, with my favourite iconic magazine covers framed on the wall behind my desk, which houses my Mac, a stack of Vogues and a skinny flat white. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it, well this is a world away from where I am at the moment. 

Regardless of this, every day I wake up and I take time to consider my outfit. I carefully select my shoes and accessories to accompany my outfit with the intention of always looking my best. 

For the past couple of years looking well groomed and ‘properly’ dressed has been one of the biggest faux pas one could make. Suddenly the ‘it’ look was to appear as if you had rolled out of bed and put on whatever garments were scattered on the floor. Dressing up became outdated, uncool and most definitely too much effort. It is as if a refined exterior is a waste of time, and this more relaxed approach suggests “I am far too busy doing things of actual importance to care about what I am wearing”. After all, aren’t we all far too busy trying to climb up the career ladder and make ourselves more interesting on social media?


Since starting University four years ago I have constantly noticed that it is now totally looked down upon to be overdressed. However what I do not not understand is why. Personally I stand by Oscar Wilde, in stating that “you can never be overdressed or overeducated” and I display this with pride everyday. 

So where did this ‘care-less’ trend really start? In recent seasons things have gotten particularly messy, starting with the coat-over-shoulder-look (thank you Anna Wintour), things have since progressed to jeans which look like they have scarcely survived a violent encounter with a lawnmower and handbags no longer being carried over the shoulder or on your arm but rather shoved under your armpit making the strap entirely redundant. No matter what any fashionista will claim, trust me it is a lot more effort walking along on a blustery day in winter with your coat fashionably draped over your shoulders, I’ve been there, done it and eventually reached peak frustration and given up. As for sticking your bag under your arm, I am not talking about a tiny clutch bag you save for carrying your lipstick on a Saturday night, I mean your everyday bag, equipped with a makeup bag, laptop, spare pair of shoes (heck throw in the kitchen sink). Yep stick that under your arm and see how far you get. I can personally guarantee that you will not look as slick as Victoria Beckham who has the walk from her lobby to her car out the front. Now are you starting to see my point? Effortless has most definitely become too much effort. 



With Yeezy and Vetements hitting the fashion stage, born was the ‘don’t-care’ trend. This trend  is something I cannot understand, simply because I do not pull it off well. I have friends whose whole wardrobe is based around this alternative vibe that appears to be so popular and they wear it extremely well, and I envy this. I on the other hand look as if I have been on a three day bender and haven’t had the energy to pull myself together. I mean I’ve tried I really have, the slip dresses over hoodies or baggy t-shirts, fishnets under torn jeans, I even went as bar to buy a pair of Nike Air a couple of years ago (yes really). However I would be lying if I said I felt anything other than completely uncomfortable and a total fake, a question mark following the crowd when that has never been me at all. 

It was half way through my first term at University, when I was wearing a Topshop mini skirt- the ‘in skirt’ of the season- which I had been painfully yanking down the entire day, that I realised I was done. Done with trying to look like I didn’t care when I so obviously do. I enjoy pleated midi skirts and I have an obvious passion for dresses , I love floor length winter coats and will always feel just that little bit better wearing heels, but isn’t that okay?

Truth is when I am picking outfits it will never be totally effortless because I don’t want it to be. I will never understand the thrill of buying leisurewear over a new dress, the same way others will never understand why I cripple myself by wearing heels every chance I get. 

I am forever losing bank cards (4 in 2017), I cannot park my car to save my life, I have the balance of a baby giraffe and I am pretty much always late- my life is messy enough. So my clothes have become my armour to at least give off the impression that I know what I’m doing. I’ll be the first one open to trying new trends but sometimes it makes sense to stick with what you know. If nothing else, I am know exactly what I like and what I feel good in, so until I get that dream job I am wearing my career goals on my sleeve- quite literally.