• How to beat the January Blues
  • Four ways to beat the January Blues
  • Winter Blues? A practical guide to getting more light in your light
  • This is why you feel blue in January and how you can beat it

All of the above are common headlines which pop up year after year post Christmas. The days are dark, the lights have ceased to twinkle, and everyone has surpassed their ideal weight. So January. It’s a joy isn’t is.

More and more people are trivialising the S-A-D (Seasonal Affective Disorder) syndrome which the NHS estimates effects one in 15 people in the UK between September and April. Whilst there are a respectable amount who genuinely suffer from this syndrome the majority of us are actually just a bit sad when January hits.

Not to mention this dry January faff which since 2014 has made us all feel guilty for not staying of the drink for the longest 31 days of the year. As if January isn’t bleak enough now we are all meant to give up alcohol too. Fantastic.

Now I am no doctor or psychologist and my opinion is merely that- an opinion– but I believe that the best way to tackle January is to try and laugh your way through it. Socialise more, not less, and if it means having a beverage then just do it. If you have New Years Resolutions and grand plans for the year ahead then get excited about them, and if you aren’t then scrap them. Sometimes the best way to get through darker months or darker times is with good friends and loved ones (a good ole belly laugh helps also).

On another note, I myself have a few New Years Resolutions:

  • Buy less and buy better. I am determined this year to knock my bad habit of impulse buying cheaper high street items, which I get bored of after two or three wears. I am going to try and save a bit more and invest in more quality pieces that I will have for years and years.
  • Nails. Must always be well manicured. Now I am pretty good at this one already but I want to keep this up. I may not always have make-up on and my hair sitting right but my nails, they will be done.
  • Learn how to look half decent in a photo. Remember that episode of friends with Chandler and the engagement photos. Yep that’s me.
  • Reassess work, play balance. The play part I have perfected over the past few years, but this year I am determined to work my absolute hardest and achieve certain goals which have been in the pipeline for some time.
  • See more of what Ireland has to offer. Do you ever feel like you never fully appreciate the country you live in? There are so many places in Ireland I have never been to and so many things I haven’t done here, so I am going to make better use of my weekends and start exploring some homegrown beauty.
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