NI Bloggers Brunch

This morning I had the opportunity to meet with fellow Northern Irish bloggers and influencers at the Permit Rooms Belfast for great good and even better company.

In Northern Ireland there has been a real void in terms of networking events for individuals like myself. We see on instagram daily bloggers across the UK mainland, in particularly London supporting each other and meeting up for social occasions, sharing stories and helping each other fulfil their goals and ambitions. I have regularly noticed this and felt envious of this support network, which we have lacked in NI –  that was until today.

The lovely Cathy Martin (CMPR) had noticed this also and decided to use her influence to bring individuals together to network, learn from each other and hopefully build friendships. Cathy launched the NI Bloggers Brunch this morning to fill this void and bring together groups of individuals with similar goals and interests. Having never been to an event like this, I didn’t really know what to expect and to be honest I did feel pretty nervous. The nerves however, didn’t last long, as everyone was so welcoming and the atmosphere was so inviting that I felt I knew everyone simply at ‘hello’. 

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London: A Royal Beauty

I have traveled to many special places in the world, but London holds a special place in my heart. I could happily spend every weekend in London, browsing around with no itinerary and not a care in the world. Everytime I leave this vibrant city, I feel a pull on my heart strings which reminds me that I will definitely be back soon.

Outfit Details: Maxi Dress- All Saints ; Cropped Leather Jacket- H&M ; Biker Boots- Office : Bag- JW Anderson 

London has something to offer for everybody, in terms or restaurants, events or things to do. I spent a week in London during fashion week: spending the first half with my parents and the second half with my best friend. I feel that I know London as well as I know my home city, therefore I am going to give a little run down on my London trip, and my recommendations for anyone going to visit.



Located in the heart of Mayfair, this restaurant is the most aesthetically beautiful place I have ever dined. I am sure everyone has seen at least one picture of the candy pink dining area, pop up on their instagram feed and think  ‘where on earth is that?’.  Dinner at Sketch has been on my bucket list for quite some time , but it was only on my most recent trip did I actually get to go, and oh my goodness it was so unbelievably worth the wait. Hidden behind the plush velvet certain which graces the entry is the powder pink, restaurant: The Gallery. Decorated with scalloped,  pink booths, a vast copper bar and wall to wall David Shrigley drawings, this place is deliciously bonkers. The food is equally fantastic also, I dined on the vialone risotto with green curry and prune marmalade, sounds strange – looked even stranger (it was a vivid bright green!) but it was absolutely amazing. It was so good I wish I could have licked the plate and asked for a second helping! View Full Post

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New York Style

Traveling to New York in December or January, you can can predict rain, hail or snow. We were lucky with the weather when we were there, we had two days of rain but other than that we had blue skies and crisp cool air. The best tip I could give is: LAYERS! I brought an extra top or jumper in my handbag every day because one moment it was nice and warm and the next we were battling the elements- better to be prepared after all.

My top 5 picks would be:

1.Camel coat – because it goes with everything and is classic

2. Cashmere.

3. Fur Scarf- because everyone who knows me is aware of my obsession with fur (faux) and it dresses up everything

4. Boots- comfort comfort comfort

5. Hats- berets, beanies, fedora

The most important thing is to stock up on the basics, such as long sleeved tops and cashmere jumpers, then you can plan what statement pieces you want to bring to dress up outfits and add that stylish edge. I’ll let you in on a sly tip: when I buy long sleeved tops I buy them from the kids section. There is method behind the madness I can assure you- they are always more fitted, they sit perfectly around waist height without having to be tucked in, the neckline is higher and the sleeves sit a tad too short (just how I like them).

This photo was taken in Little Italy, outside the most beautiful interior design store. I’m wearing my Topshop camel coat and office lace up boots which were originally black leather until I took sandpaper to them to ‘roughen’ them up. Along with my trusty Zara stole, this was one of my favourite outfits of the trip.

Recently I’ve become a bit on a hat fanatic; It started with a beret and before you knew it I had a hat for every day of the week. New York was no exception, I packed all my hats and wore one every day, totally practical and a great accessory. This hat is from a little independent store in Harrogate town, where my parents live.

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New York, New York

I would firstly like to wish you all a VERY belated Happy New Year! We are half way into January but I am taking this year to dedicate much more time to my blog, I love doing it and it deserves more TLC.

As many of you know from my bombardment of instagram snaps, I welcomed 2017 with my boyfriend in the amazing city of New York.

Growing up we holidayed in Florida at least once a year so i’ve flown into Newark airport roughly 21 times. Gazing out the tiny airport window, trying to catch a glimpse of the Statute of Liberty or Empire State building – all the cliches we associate with the big apple.

As i’ve gotten older and fashion has become a large part of my life, the desire to see New York up close and personal has enhanced massively- okay my obsession with Sex and City may also have something to do with it. Regardless I have pictured myself strolling down 5th Avenue or skipping round central park countless times.

I spent a week in NYC and it still wasn’t enough, I could have happily stayed longer but I reckon there would still have been more to do and see. Its such an amazing city, it exceeded all my expectations, I’ve included some of my recommendations for eating, drinking or visiting, however my best piece of advice is not to stick to your itinerary. The whole fun about travelling somewhere new is experiencing it yourself, and finding interesting things to do and see along the way.

Dinner/Drink Spots

The Smith East Side- I would definitely recommend this restaurant if you are looking for American grub with a fancy flair. I judge a restaurant not just on the food but on the decor, ambience and over all style of the restaurant- The Smith ticked all the boxes. I ordered the mac and cheese and the prime burger, which were both simple yet sensational- I could live on mac and cheese! My boyfriend had the calamari to start with and the filet for his main, he could honestly be a squid connoisseur, he has tried every variation in many different restaurants- if a restaurant serves squid then we will be there! He said the calamari was amazing, so it really must have been. I’ve linked the menu so go check it out!

Corkbuzz- Chelsea market Greenwich- great little wine bar, located in the bustling Chelsea market. Pick a bar stool and lust over the vast wine menu. The best thing about this cosy, chic wine bar is the tasting element-yes that is right they actually allow you to sample the wine before you commit to a glass of it! Cheers to that.

 Todd English- Plaza Hotel- every Christmas I watch Home Alone II countless times, so when in New York I had to go the Plaza hotel- one day I will stay here (I hope)! Its opulence did not disappoint, it was simply beautiful. If you are around this area then you should definitely check out the plaza food court, for a glass of vino, a bowl of frozen yogurt with scrumptious toppings or to snack on a lobster roll, it’s even worth going to for the bustling atmosphere.  Todd English is the restaurant in the food court, the menu is superb, from sushi to pizza they have it covered. I would highly recommend the drunken noodles or the chicken tacos.

The Back Room- Lower East Side- This bar has a cool speakeasy vibe which takes you right back to the prohibition  era. The mysterious entrance (down an alleyway) and the hush hush atmosphere makes this bar really original. I would recommend going for one or two drinks for the experience.

Gelso and Grand – Little Italy – I absolutely loved Little Italy, so many cute authentic italian restaurants and cannoli stalls- we literally ate our body weight in pizza slices. Gelso and Grand is a great italian which you should definitely check out if you’re in the area, the cocktails are pretty great too! As I mentioned earlier I am a decor geek when it comes to restaurants, and Gelso and Grand is most  definitely instagram worthy. I can imagine it in the summer months, with the rustic shutters open wide and sipping a delicious gin collins! View Full Post

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Dublin Day Tripping


Every summer my longest friend and I take a day trip with our mothers down to Dublin. Its a day filled with shopping, eating and a lot of laughs. I really love Dublin as a city- it has such a cosmopolitan feel about it! As we all know when walking about a city shopping all day comfort really is key, so as always my superga’s are my ‘go to’ shoes for making sure that my feet don’t end up crippled!!


The dress I am  wearing is new season ZARA and was such a great buy, i’m still loving the slip dress trend but I prefer this 1920’s style more so than the lacy lingerie style that has been featured quite a lot on the high street this summer! The dress can be easily dressed up also, with strappy heels and statement earrings.

Dress- Zara//Shoes- Superga//Leather Jacket- All Saints//Bag – Givenchy